Safe Work Practices Manual Lifting

13 Jun 2020 - Flaaim

  1. Rule of Thumb: Look up as you lift!
  2. Employees should know their physical limitations and the approximate weight of materials they are trying to lift.
  3. Obtain assistance in lifting heavy objects whenever the task may be more than can be safely handled.
  4. Before any manual lifting is done, the use of power equipment or mechanical lifting devices such as dollies, trucks or similar devices should be considered and employed where practical.
  5. Bulky loads should be carried in such a way as to permit an unobstructed view ahead.
  6. Ensure a good firm grip before lifting.
  7. Lift gradually, slowly, smoothly and without jerking.
  8. The back should be kept close to vertical or straight and the lifting should be done with the legs.
  9. Avoid unnecessary bending. Do not place objects on the floor if they must be picked up again later.
  10. Avoid unnecessary twisting. Turn your feet, not your hips or shoulders. Leave enough room to shift your feet so as not to twist.
  11. Avoid reaching out. Handle heavy objects close to the body. Avoid a long reach out to pick up an object.
  12. Do not be tempted at the last moment to swing the load onto the deck or shelf by bending or twisting your back; it could end up being your last heavy load.
  13. Pipes, conduit, reinforcing rods and other conductive materials should not be carried on the shoulder near exposed live electrical equipment or conductors.
  14. When two or more persons carry a heavy object that is to be lowered or dropped, there shall be a pre-arranged signal for releasing the load.
  15. When two or more persons are carrying an object, each employee, if possible, should face the direction in which the object is being carried.
  16. Keep in good physical shape, get proper exercise, maintain a good diet and always stretch before starting a shift.
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