Safe Work Practices Working Around Heavy Equipment

15 Jun 2020 - Flaaim

1. Purpose

To identify the possible hazards and ensure that all personnel are well aware of the procedures when working around all heavy equipment.

2. Definitions


3. Hazards

Health and Safety

4. Prerequisites

Two way Radio Safety Orientation Relative To Each Site


5. Precautions

All employees are well aware of their surroundings and are remaining a safe working distance from any heavy machinery that is working in the area. All equipment operators are being very cautious of the employees working around them and making eye contact every available opportunity.

6. Procedure

When entering an area where heavy equipment is operating always notify the operator of your arrival over the radio. Always make eye contact. It is usually indicated that the operator is aware of you and your location with a wave of the hand

Always remain a safe distance form any equipment in use. You never know when they will make a share turn or begin backing up. Notify the operator if you will ever be passing behind them as they are working at the task at hand and may not see you.

When approaching any equipment on foot ensure that it has come to a complete stop before you begin your approach. It is important to be aware of any possible falling debris. Often enough materials will spill out of loaded buckets or can be kicked up from under tires.

It is important when working in areas where dust is being created to wear the proper dust mask. Ensuring that you are wearing all of your proper PPE is the best way to prevent an accident and will provide the best visibility to all employees and equipment operators working around you.

7. Exceptions


8. Implementation


Site supervisor are to maintain a watchful eye that all employees are working in a responsible manner and are utilizing all work safe knowledge and practices.

9. Interpretation & Updating

With every change of job site a safety meeting will be held and all possible health and safety hazards will be identified.

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