Toolbox Talk Mobile Towers

04 May 2020 - Flaaim

1. Introduction:

1.1 Mobile tower scaffolds provide a very useful and efficient working platform for numerous tasks when used properly. When misused, however, they provide a means of serious injury to both users and other employees

2. Main Points:

2.1 Plan use of mobile tower scaffolds. Ensure SWL’s are sufficient, that manufacturer’s guidelines are complied with, and that a competent person is available to erect, adjust and dismantle.

2.2 Check all mobile tower scaffolds prior to use; check general condition, check brakes/locking devices are working, check free rotation of wheels, check all bracings are in place, and check for suitable access/egress and for suitable platform.

2.3 Where height exceeds 2m then guard-rails, intermediate guard-rails and toe-boards must be fitted. (Note: This is a minimum requirement — recommended that they be fitted regardless of height.)

3. Points to remember

3.1 Check manufacturers guide for base to height ratio. General rule is that the height should not exceed 3 times the narrowest base width, ie where narrowest base width equals 1.5m, height should not exceed 4.5m. (Note: this can be extended by use of outriggers.)

3.2 Mobile tower scaffolds should only be used on level, firm surfaces. If surface is soft or not level then they should only be used where adequate support is provided.

3.3 Wheels should be locked whenever the tower is in use.

3.4 Only integral ladders should be used — on no account rest ladders against outside, or use ladders off of mobile tower platforms.

3.5 Ensure all persons and materials are removed from mobile tower scaffolds prior to moving, move by pushing at the base, avoid potholes/uneven surfaces, and beware of overhead obstructions — especially power lines!

3.6 Mobile tower platforms should be fully boarded out where practicable. This must be a minimum of 600mm wide.

3.7 Consider tying the tower to structures where applicable.

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