Toolbox Talk Overhead Lines

07 Jun 2020 - Flaaim

Accidental contact with live overhead power lines causes many serious injuries and fatalities. These accidents are particularly related to cranes and excavators, but tipping wagons, scaffold tubes and metal ladders have all been in contact with overhead cables, with fatal results.

While where possible all attempts will be made to isolate or re-route overhead cables from the work area it is not always possible and so barriers and signage will be erected and where crossings are located ‘goal post’ erected

If you have to work near overhead power lines, remember to follow the tasks method statement briefing and observe the following rules:

  1. Treat all overhead lines as ‘live’ unless you have been specifically instructed otherwise. Do not assume they are only telephone wires.
  2. Do not try to bypass ‘goal posts’ or barriers or other warnings.
  3. lf you are a Banksmen, always keep the overhead lines in view when giving directions. Only direct plant under power lines where ‘goal posts’ are provided.
  4. If scaffolding is being erected adjacent to power lines, make sure that poles are handled a safe distance away.
  5. Never stack materials or tip under overhead lines. This could reduce the safe clearance and, in wet weather, result in a ‘flash over’ to earth. Equally, a tipper body may come dangerously near to the wires - or accidentally touch them - with disastrous results.
  6. If work has to be carried out under overhead wires, special precautions and controls will have been put in place and MUST be adhered too.

Toolbox Talk Overhead Lines

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