Toolbox Talk Storage and use of Fuels and Oils

08 Jun 2020 - Flaaim

Petrol, Diesel and Oils inappropriately used, stored or disposed of can give rise to pollution of the environment

Generally these substances are released into the environment through spillages during delivery or use through waste materials being poured into drains, watercourse or burned.

So why should we do this?

Avoid prosecution: if pollution is caused then a prosecution may follow.

Avoid environmental harm: Petrol, Diesel and Oil are highly harmful to plants, animals and yourselves.

Cost: the cost of cleaning up and the legal proceedings following an incident far exceeds the cost of having in place the correct control measures


  1. DO store bulk Petrol, Diesel and Oil in bunded tanks and store smaller containers on drip trays that have 110% capacity of the largest container
  2. DO store fuels and oils away from drains and water courses
  3. DO replace lids on containers after use
  4. DO not use damage or leaky containers
  5. DON’T refuel or store fuels and oils within 10m of a watercourse
  6. DON’T leave bunds and drip trays to overflow


  1. DO use automatic shut off pistol grip delivery systems when refuelling from tanks and bowsers
  2. DO return containers to the stores when complete
  3. DO ensure all refuelling is attended and at least 10m away from a watercourse
  4. DO keep tanks and Bowsers locked after use for security as well
  5. DO use trip trays underneath all static plant and refuelling operations
  6. DO attend to any spillages
  7. DO use funnels when refuelling small items of plant
  8. DON’T leave hoses and ‘guns’ outside of the bunded tank/bowser after use
  9. DON’T leave refuelling operations unattended at any time
  10. DON’T leave containers open
  11. DON’T leave containers in an area where they can be damaged or vandalised
  12. DON’T ignore any spillages


Ask your supervisor what to do with waste fuels and oils before disposal.

  1. DON’T dispose of waste fuels and oil’s by discharging into drains and gullies

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