Toolbox Talk Plant Movement and Reversing

08 Jun 2020 - Flaaim

Plant Movements

Plant operators should as part of their daily checks ensure that all mirrors, cameras if fitted, beacons, lights and audible devices are fully functional at the beginning of each shift and report any defects to there supervisor immediately.

Plant that does not have a designated operator such as Dumpers and Rollers etc, either one person must take responsibility for checking that piece of equipment daily or alternatively operators must satisfy themselves when they operate that item that all items are fully functional.

A Banksman must control activities such as lifting, excavation and reversing.

Plant operatives must respect the site signage and traffic routes and where possible choose routes and practises that will minimise the amount of reversing required.

Before setting off, operators should check all mirrors if fitted or physically look around to ensure that the area is clear before moving off. You must not be reliant on starting the engine up as being sufficient.

Pedestrians, must where their high-visibility clothing at ALL Times and where possible, should stay away from moving vehicles and plant. When this is not practically possible you must stay alert at all times, using all your senses. Keeping a lookout and listen for vehicles that are moving.

In the event you need to pass along side or behind an item of plant you must stand clear, and ensure that the operator/banksman has seen you and has acknowledge your presence and given you permission to pass. Never rely on an operator to have seen you or expect your presence unless they have acknowledged you.


Only reverse vehicles if you have been trained to do so. Ensuring that reversing is carried out at an appropriate speed and controlled.

  1. Do not allow delivery drivers to reverse without a banksman, they are not exempt.
  2. Don’t be reliant of Muck wagons and other delivery vehicles to be fitted with a camera.

Vehicles reversing off or onto site must be supervised at all times although should be the exception not the norm.

If you are not a Banksman do not give signals to a driver, unless in an emergency.

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