Toolbox Talk Chainsaws

10 Jun 2020 - Flaaim

Chainsaws are increasingly used within the construction industry, often in a manner for which they were not originally designed. They are particularly dangerous and can cause serious injury, even in the hands of a trained operator

Main Points:

  1. All chainsaw operators should have received formal training.
  2. Chainsaw operators should wear suitable PPE
  3. Chainsaws should be maintained in a serviceable and safe condition.

Points to remember

Before using a chainsaw carry out the following checks:

  1. Check guards are in place, in good condition and secure.
  2. Check chain brake operation.
  3. Check security of casing and all nuts and screws.
  4. Check throttle and interlock for serviceability.
  5. Check chain sharpness, tension and freedom of movement.
  6. Check chain lubricating reservoir — top up if required.

Ensure you have all the required PPE and that it is serviceable. This should include leggings

Always engage the chain brake and place on a secure surface clear of any obstructions before starting the chainsaw.

Never make adjustments to the chainsaw whilst it is running.

Maintain a firm grip, using both hands on the chainsaw when in operation and aim to complete cuts at full throttle where practicable.

If you have to stage cuts, take extreme care when re-entering the previous cuts.

Always beware of the timber closing in on the saw cut and pinching the chain.

Never place any part of your body in the saw’s line of cut.

Before moving with the chainsaw, switch it off, apply the chain brake and fit the scabbard over the chain. Carry by front handle with chain facing rearwards.

Refuel chainsaws in well-ventilated areas and at least 3 metres away from where you are going to use the chainsaw (wipe up any spilt fuel). Do not smoke and ensure no naked flames are nearby. Check for fuel leakage and ensure fuel cap is correctly replaced.

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